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CIRCA 1,000 BC - Polynesians from Fiji first reached The Kingdom of Tonga and discovered an unusual sea plant known as Limu Moui.

In 1777 while sailing throughout the South Pacific, Captain James Cook wrote in his journal that his sailors regained their health from a sea plant.  We know that the sea plant that he was referring to was Limu Moui which grows profusely in those waters.  The islands located east of Tonga are now known as the Cook Islands. 

In 1970, a group of scientists traveled to what are referred to as Blue Zones.  Blue Zones are locations around the globe where the people are living to be a lot older than the rest of the world’s population.  These areas have many native residents who are over 100 years old. The scientists wanted to see if they could find a common thread among these Blue Zones.  One of these Blue Zones included the Kingdom of Tonga.  When they asked the Tongans about their robust health and longevity, they gave the credit to Limu Moui.

Limu’s key ingredient is FUCOIDAN.  That same year, the first scientific studies on fucoidan began to be published in the International Medical Journal FEBS letters (official journal of the Federation of European Biochemical Societies).  Unfortunately, scientists don’t care about products or marketing, only their research.......so Limu flew under the radar.  The general public knew nothing of this wondrous discovery.

Fucoidan has been featured in the Journal of Molecular Immunology, Anticancer Research and the British Journal of Pharmacology, to name a few.

Limu PlantThe SCIENCE is indisputable!  Prevention is best, but research confirms that Limu improves a broad range of health concerns.  The studies continue to grow!   On The National Library of Medicine’s on-line database, there are now over 900 studies dating back to 1970.  Click to open:  http://www.PubMed.gov   To see all of the studies, type fucoidan in the search boxTo narrow your search, type fucoidan/and your health concern in the search box.  For example:  fucoidan/cancer.   Use medical terms.  Pub Med is a great resource for comparing the key ingredient of one product to the key ingredient of another.

In 1987, two scientific experts from New Zealand who had long heard about the legendary health of the Tongans began an intense journey to develop the technology to extract fucoidan, resulting in the first and only standardized, commercially viable form of Limu.   It took them 15 years and thousands of experiments to perfect the extraction process to get Limu into a “bio-available” liquid without compromising its ingredients.

In 2001, Rita Elkins, M.H. wrote the book Limu Moui - Prize Sea Plant of the South Pacific.

Gary RaserRita Elkin's BookIn 2001, visionary and entrepreneur, Gary Raser, saw Rita Elkins’ book and was introduced to over 400 scientific studies about a brown, unpalatable sea plant called Limu.    Gary was a very successful businessman and wanted to give back... to make a difference in people’s lives.  He flew to Tonga to ask their king and the Tongans if the book was true.  He heard about the success of the two scientists from New Zealand who after 1,000's of experiments successfully perfected an extraction process to get the Limu into a liquid without compromising its nutrients. He flew to talk to them.  Gary Raser bought the lifetime-rights to the extraction process and began plans to develop the first Limu product and to market it to consumers worldwide.

LIMU ORIGINAL - In 2003, The Limu Company (TLC) opens its doors.  TLC was first to bring Limu Moui and fucoidan to the world in a new product called LIMU ORIGINAL and owns the exclusive rights to the fucoidan-rich extract.  Limu Original is TLC’s flagship product.   Each 33.8 oz. bottle contains 83% live plant enzymes.   Organic purees of mango, papaya, pear and apple create a great taste.  Limu is beneficial for men, pregnant women, children of all ages, and even animals.  Drink a minimum of 4 oz. a day for healing at the cellular level, boosted immune system, added energy, restful sleep. For more information: http://pj.iamlimu.com

The found and CEO of The Limu Company Gary J. Raser.

In 2005,  The Limu Company expanded to Japan.  Representatives from four major networks (ABC, NBC, FOX and CBS) contacted The Limu Company to share its story.  Limu is featured in the Wall Street Reporter, Health and Fitness, USA Today and Natural Health magazines.

Japan has known about Limu Moui and fucoidan for a long time, so our product explodes into their market and grows rapidly. 

In June, 2005, Limu was featured in NATURAL HEALTH MAGAZINE, and Limu Original was selected as the #1 liquid dietary supplement.  Excerpt:  “The science research CONFIRMS antiviral activity in fucoidan.....antitumor effects.....enhanced immune response.....blocks the activation of proteins associated with atherosclerosis, heart attack and Alzheimers.”  When Gary Raser explained that our company was just a baby, only one year old, and asked why the magazine selected Limu as #1 when we were up against 500 million-dollar companies, the magazine owner told him:  ”we could NOT deny the science behind the  sea plant.”  Copies of the article can be down loaded by clicking here.

Rowdy Gaines2006,  The Limu Company welcomed three-time-Olympic-Gold-Medalist Rowdy Gaines as the official spokesperson for Original Limu.  After winning three Olympic Medals in Los Angeles in 1981, Rowdy suffered from Guillon Barre, which attacks the sheath around the nerves in the body. Initially, he was paralyzed and in the hospital for many months. For 15 years he suffered painful pins-and-needles prickling feelings in his hands and feet, similar to when one sits or sleeps incorrectly on an arm or leg and it falls asleep, then painfully reawakens.  Against his personal business plan,  The Limu Company convinced Rowdy to try drinking Limu.   He had previously endorsed Speedo Swimwear and American Express and had said that he would never endorse a product “like ours" (a nutritional supplement).  Rowdy personally told me that the pins and needles stopped after drinking only one bottle of Limu!  Needless to say, he is now on board full time with The Limu Company.  He is long-time been called The Ambassador to Swimming, and now he is The Limu Company's ambassador.  He can seen today announcing Olympic swimming events and swimming events covered by ESPN Sports.  Rowdy is currently swimming again, competing in the YMCA Masters Over 50 category and has been smashing previous YMCA records.  The Limu Company helped him achieve his dream when Rowdy’s Kidz was established.  Rowdy travels the world, sharing his personal success story and singing the praises of Limu.

In 2006 - The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations recognized Limu and lists its possible benefits as:

1) Prevents tumors
2) Boosts immune system
3) Stabilizes blood sugar levels
4) Reduces cholesterol levels 
This was huge!  This shows that the government recognizes that Limu has medicinal properties, and it’s not a drug.  It’s food!

Click here to open to see the article.

New Zealand, Singapore and Hong Kong join Limu Global.  Sales soar to an all-time high.

In June, 2006 -  The Limu Company was featured in Your Business at Home magazine.  I was in the audience when the news was announced.  The owner of the magazine was on stage and said they were initially going to only do a story about The Limu Company, but he said after they looked into the product, the company, the corporate team and the charities that we give to, they decided to do the whole issue on TLC.  Authors John Maxwell and Robert Kiyosaki (Rich Dad Poor Dad) do have stories in there, but the magazine is mainly about The Limu Company.  I will NEVER forget, the owner of the magazine said:  “We think you are the NEXT BIG GIANT.”

I didn’t know at the time that my sons and I were included in that edition of  Your Business At Home Magazine!  I felt so honored to be included!  Being recognized by The Limu Company reinforces that I am successful and knowledgeable in my field.

OCTOBER, 2006 - This is my favorite!   Our sea plant, Limu Moui, was featured in Breakthroughs in Health magazine that was on newsstands at Border, Books-A Million and Barnes & Noble.    The headlines said:

”Limu, Nature’s 3,000-Year-Old Nutritional Solution”
“Fucoidan, Health benefits Backed by 650 Studies”
“Doctors Embrace an Amazing Health Secret From the Sea.”
“Live Better Now (And Later)”

The features included:  Reduce the Need for Antibiotics; Overweight & at Risk; Limu:  The Pollution Solution; Turning the Tables on Cancer; 97 Reasons to Drink Limu; More than Skin Deep; The Truth Why Doctors Prescribe so Many Drugs; Limu and the Food Pyramid; and  Limu: a Heart-healthy Food.  Copies of the articles can be made available by request.

BIOAVAILABLE - The nutrients in Limu Moui are pre-mixed by Mother Nature!  A liquid is absolutely the best way to transport nutrients to the body.  It’s called being bioavailable.  Limu is easily absorbed through the cell membranes in your body to quickly get to work balancing your body and improving your health at the cellular level. Vitamins can be mixed improperly making them ineffective.  They can exit your body even before they’re released, and they can even make you toxic.  Limu is all you need.

“SUPER NUTRIENT” -  A couple of shots of Limu a day, and you’re good to go! Limu is called a “Super Nutrient” and is synergistic.  That means it has everything your body needs, in the right quantities to work together for your benefit....plus the immune system boost from the FUCOIDAN.  Limu is food.  Food that your body is NOT getting from the diets of modern living.  Even in states that do not charge tax on food, there is no tax on Limu.

BLU FROG!!!!  JANUARY, 2009 - Blu Frog was launched. Most people would love the extra energy, but are aware that  energy drinks are notoriously bad for you.  Now that is no longer true.  Blu Frog has natural guarana seed, which gives you 6 to 8 hours of steady energy and no artificial anything.   No jitters and no crash.  It contains two ounces of our health-improving Limu Moui plus addition vitamins and minerals, so while increasing your energy, you will also be building your immune system and improving your health.  There’s no added sugar.  Not acidic, like coffee.  The organic purees of mango, papaya, pear and apple make Blu Frog taste delicious.  To drink Blu Frog, turn it upside down and lightly shake it.  This activates the small amount of carbonation and mixes up the pulp and seeds.  Pop it all the way open and enjoy.  Blu frog is not just for the young crowd.   My oldest Blu frog drinkers are in their 90’s!  They say in the afternoon when they start to lose their concentration, they drink a Blu Frog, and it brings them right back!   To see a comparison of Blu Frog with “the others,”  go to my web site http://pj.iamlimu.com Sign in and get yourself some! No membership fee and no auto shipment required!


BLU FROG 2!!!! Try for more of a citrusy flavor and an extra kick! See BLU FROG 2 SUPPLEMENT FACTS

LIMU LEAN  MARCH, 2010  was launched.  LIMU LEAN is a premium weight management system featuring Limu and the natural power of Fucoidan! TLC wanted us to see it with our own eyes.  They had 80 of my friends drink it starting around December 13, 2009.  We saw them at our International Conference on March 20, 2010, and they had each lost 20 to 42 pounds, a total of over 1,600 pounds and 600 inches!  They said it tasted good and was easy!  In addition to the physical changes, they proudly reported the changes in their health, like cholesterol going from 280 to 139!  Also blood pressure, and insulin intake.   I personally knew about half of them, and I was amazed!  I knew it was them, but they looked so different!  I was very impressed.  I trust The Limu Company.  Drink LIMU LEAN and follow their instructions, and you will safely lose weight.  LIMU LEAN is a fucoidan-based weight management system that offers simple steps and powerfully efficient ingredients to help you look and feel fantastic!  The innovative products are simple, yet complex, nutritional masterpieces!  A Meal Replacement Shake, Appetite Controller Tea and a Digestive Health Cleanse work together for a healthier, more energetic, thinner you!

FEBRUARY, 2016 - BURN was introduced. The hottest way to can your cravings and drop weight.

In 2016, the Limu Company was launched in Mexico.